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Akümülasyon Tankı (KA)

Accumulations tanks are used for storing the conditioned water hygienically in heating and cooling systems. Usually, a heat exchanger (plate heat exchanger, tubular heat exchangers, boilers, chillers, fan coil, etc.) is mounted behind. CFC-free polyurethane insulation material is used in all products which has a low heat loss.

Place of Use;
Villas, apartments, hospitals, sports halls, factories, construction sites, cooling groups, various processes for central heating, cascade system boiler rooms, heat exchanger rooms.

Product Specifications

  • Operating Temperature: 0 – 100 ° C
  • Operating pressure: 0 – 10 bar
  • Test Pressure: 13 bar
  • Material: DIN EN 10111-98 (6222 Eregli)
  • Type of Coating: Enamel coating (DIN 5115)
  • Insulation: In 100 – 600 Liters, 50mm thick CFC-free polyurethane is used with 42-44 kg/m3 density over static powder-painted steel sheet, in 800-2000 liters 80 mm thick high strength of soft polyurethane foam is used over artificial leather cover.
  • Additional Features: 2 Termovil, 1 Thermometer, 1 Magnesium Anode
  • Capacity: 100 liters – 2000 liters
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Unit price exposure(item) no: 110-640


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