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Closed Loop Water Heater (KSC)

KSC series of horizontal walled-tanks used as closed loop solar tanks and these tanks are compatible with all type of panels. By using optional resistance, the solar tanks can also be used as water heaters. Because of solar tank remains under the network pressure, there is no need a pump for operating the system. Thus, connection is made directly to solar panel and hot water installation. In order to meet clean hot water needs for years, the inside body of the tanks coated with titanium doped enamel.

Place of Use;

Villas, apartments, hospitals, sports halls, factories, construction sites or solar energy systems.

Product Specifications

  • Operating Temperature: 0 – 100 ° C
  • Operating pressure: 0 – 8 bar (Body), 0 – 1,5 bar (Wall)
  • Electric power: Optional
  • Material: DIN EN 10111-98 (Ereğli 6222)
  • Type of Coating: Enamel coating (DIN 5115)
  • Insulation: 50mm thick CFC-free polyurethane is used with 42-44 kg/m3 density ove tatic powder-painted steel sheet.
  • Additional Features: 1 Magnesium Anode, Extra electric heater input
  • Capacity: 85 liters – 300 liters
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Unit price exposure (item) no: 110-680



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